Fashion. . . .and the funeral

While this is a little out of the ordinary for Funeral Director Daily, I ran across a couple of articles that deal with fashion and/or fashion for the funeral director this week.  Without much commentary I just thought they might be interesting for you to read. . .

The first is a letter to Dear Abby about fashion and the funeral and Abby’s reply might surprise you, but it will make you think twice the next time that you judge what someone is wearing at a funeral.

You can see the letter and Abby’s  comments here.

The second article we came across comes to us from Noblesville, Indiana, and you can read the article here.  It is about Mr. Dan Yancey and his career profession in the clothing business.  Yancy is 72 years old and has been in the clothing business since 1966.  We enjoyed the article because of Yancey’s “retirement” job of selling suits to funeral homes.  No, not for the deceased, but the fact that he travels Indiana with a mobile showroom and stops at over 200 funeral homes annually bringing his suits to the people who will wear them for a living.  Yancey says, “They trust me.  They are very loyal customers.”

Yancey, when asked, says the best part of his job today is “The people.  Funeral home people are great people.  Few people don’t see them with a sense of humor, like I get to see them. . .I have a great time doing it.”

I chuckled when reading this article and said to myself, “Wow.  There are a million ways to make a living!”

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