C&J Financial releases “Quick Claim” mobile app

Collecting of accounts receivables has came a long way from the 1930’s when a funeral home just asked the client family to “settle up” when ready.  Today’s use of cash-flow makes it imperative that funeral homes reduce the amounts of money they have “on the books”.  In addition, helping families receive money due them from insurers in a timely fashion is a great benefit to them in trying times also.

To that end, C&J Financial, America’s #1 provider of insurance assignment funding has released its “Quick Claim” mobile app that “is designed to save funeral professionals time and provide immediate, up-to-date information on insurance assignment claims anytime, anywhere.” 

According to Jamie Meredith, C&J’s Executive Vice President, “C&J’s mission has always been to help the funeral profession eliminate the challenges and cash flow delays in processing insurance death claims.  We’ve always viewed technology as a mechanism to help achieve this goal and it’s why we were the first to develop online claims submission and automation.  We are excited about the convenience and time savings the new app will provide funeral professionals!”

You can read the entire D&J press release here.

To learn more about C&J Financial and/or the Quick Claim app please click here.

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