Premier Preneed adds training videos

According to a press release from the company, Premier Preneed Marketing, a preneed marketing company that offers funeral homes throughout the United States a comprehensive product portfolio to meet both their financial objectives and marketing needs, has announced that the company has recently developed a series of training videos on the topic of preneed.  These videos are currently found within the Premier Preneed 360 CRM platform. The videos were created by Craig Stewart, a licensed funeral director and funeral sales […]


A Preneed “check-up”. . make sure you “Do it Right”

Your funeral home has lots of options when it comes to the issue of Preneed.  For instance, in most states you have the choice of funding via Trust or Master Trust bank accounts or funding with life insurance vehicles. You also have the decision as to if you are going to guarantee the sale of the funeral or memorial services with preneed selected services for the pre-funded amount or use the pre-funded amount as a “bag of cash” to be […]

Business Preneed

Will the pandemic reshape how Americans deal with death?

I’ve mentioned before that things change in Death Care. . . . but they seem to change rather slowly and methodical.  We’ve seen a slow 40 year march to cremation being the most popular method of human disposition.  And we’ve seen a movement over the last century from home funerals, to funeral homes, to church funerals to what we now see as “Event Center” funerals or memorials. As a business person who owned a funeral home I was cognizant of […]


British government urged to set up fund for failed preneed providers

In the shadows of the failure of preneed funding vehicle Safe Hands Plans, the British government is being urged to set up a fund for those that have lost funds through the collapse of Safe Hands Plans.  As you may know, the British preneed industry is to come under the purveyance of the country’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) at the end of July 2022. However, prior to that happening, one company has come under a government authority after it has […]


Mail on Sunday article calls Safe Hands Plans “a disgrace”

According to this article from This is Money (Great Britain) the Safe Hands Plans funeral preneed fund “went under six weeks ago”.  Taking information from an article in the Financial Mail on Sunday, it suggests that over 47,000 plan holders are left with the potential of zero balances in their trust funds that were supposed to pay for their funeral services after death. According to the This is Money article linked above “An independent actuarial report, prepared by Zenith Actuarial […]


Pandemic Survey: Retirees emerge resilient. . . what does that mean for Preneed

Allianz Life recently published a survey that was taken of a representative sample of 1,000 Americans detailing how they were financially affected by the pandemic that we are showing signs of emerging from.  You can access an article about the survey here. In essence, the article states that there is a “significant gap in the financial experience of younger Americans and their retired counterparts“.  Going further into the details the survey showed that “68% of pre-retirees (down from 2021’s 75%) […]

Preneed Regulations

Regulation of Preneed apparently coming too late for some consumers

It would be safe to say that in Great Britain there has been a lot of discussion about the costs of death care among consumers and government alike.  While it has been going on for some time and there is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of Direct Cremation with No Services (DCNS) has forwarded the discussion, suffice it to say that the discussion has been going on for some time. And, the discussion has led some […]


This might be the best time in a generation to be selling Preneed

I enjoy learning and then finding solutions to problems.  It’s something I’ve done since I was a child — find out the facts of the situation and then solve the problem.  To that end, I continue to read four business newsletters per day. . . I simply enjoy what I learn from them and then try to put that knowledge to a practical use. I was also a licensed life insurance agent during my time operating a funeral home because […]

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Preneed company and Live Oak Bank announce partnership

American Enterprise Group (AEG), parent company of preneed insurer Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC) and innovative financial lender Live Oak Bank have announced a partnership that will make it possible for funeral home and cemetery business owners to access up to $20 million in capital.  A recent press release on the strategic partnership announced that the unique product the partnership will bring to market will be “well suited for business owners seeking financing for their acquisition and expansion plans”. Live […]

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Ohio cemeteries, funeral homes spar over “trusting” requirement

Ohio Senate Bill 224 will make over a dozen changes to the state’s funeral and burial laws according to this article from  The bill will do such mundane things as increasing the price to reactivate a funeral director’s license and it will also establish a more formal process for families to collect money from funeral providers if a customer signed a pre-planned funeral contract, but the family never used that particular facility. One thing it won’t do, however, is […]