More Jewish families opting for cremation

By Funeral Director Daily / January 19, 2023 /

  I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m certainly not an expert on the subject of faith preference and burial customs because the community that I served was, I’m guessing, at least 95% Christian of those that practiced faith.   However, I know some of the history since as before Vatican II in…

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CANA announces “First-of-its-Kind” credential for Cremation Specialist

By Funeral Director Daily / December 1, 2022 /

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) has developed an all new program to train cremation specialists.  The first class begins in January 2023 and registration begins today.  The following is complete information from CANA: By 2033, cremation is predicted to be the preferred form of disposition in every state. Too many businesses see this…

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Are funeral directors losing their “clout”?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 30, 2022 /
SeekingInformation Graphic

There was a time when if you needed information on a task or a service you went direct to the source to find the information needed.  Remember, when your watch didn’t work you would take it to the local jeweler to diagnose the issue. . . . Or if the electronic device you just purchased…

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The niches keep coming

By Funeral Director Daily / September 30, 2022 /

As long as I’ve written this blog I’ve predicted that death care – that is dispositions for the dead human body – will eventually become increasingly a collection of “niche” businesses.  That is, compared to what we have gotten used to seeing. . .a funeral home that takes care of your every need in the…

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SCI settles “Deceptive sales” lawsuit for $209 million

By Funeral Director Daily / September 20, 2022 /

Service Corporation International (SCI) has agreed to provide up to $209 million in refunds to settle a federal class-action lawsuit alleging it deceived 87,000 Florida customers who purchased its prepaid plans according to this article from last week from Yahoo News. According to the article SCI Direct (formerly called Neptune Society Management Corporation) was named…

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Messenger acquires Thumbies; thoughts on the “new memorialization”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 13, 2022 /

In this news release from Messenger News you can read about the Messenger Company and its acquisition of the Thumbies Fingerprint Keepsakes business.  The release states that “the new addition to the Messenger family of companies will allow the Messenger team of sales representatives to offer the complete line of Thumbies jewelry in their portfolio…

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The consumer choice for cremation is not always financial

By Funeral Director Daily / August 31, 2022 /

Over the years I’ve heard from many consumers that their choice for a cremation disposition had nothing to do with price.  Even though I heard that often, and believed the people that told me that, as a funeral professional it was always hard to fathom when it seemed that everywhere you turned you saw cremations…

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Low-cost preneed plans proving to be a disrupter

By Funeral Director Daily / August 26, 2022 /

This recent article was published by Financial Content in Australia about the low-cost preneed market and made the comment, “This rise and popularity of ‘low cost’ prepaid funerals have taken the death care industry by surprise. With household budgets increasingly coming under strain from rising inflation, cost considerations are likely to come even more to…

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Cremation rate at 57%. . . and it’s not coming down anytime soon

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2022 /

I recently read this article from author Harold Ivan Smith from Baptist News.  Smith offers a unique perspective as he attended mortuary school, is a grief educator, and works as a celebrant for Forest Lawn Mortuaries in Palm Springs, California. Smith indicates in his article that cremation was probably about 1% of United States dispositions…

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NFL Packers put “pocket” in jersey for cremated remains

By Funeral Director Daily / July 14, 2022 /

I’m surprised I missed this article last October when it was originally published by CBS Sports.  However, I’m glad that I found it recently while researching another article for Funeral Director Daily. The article touches on sports but is, in my opinion, an article on death care, grief, the human psyche, and the movement of…

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