The abstract memorialization trend

Today’s article may take a little thinking outside the box, but I think that there is some justification to thinking in the model that I will relate.  As a funeral director during the time period of 1980 and 2015 I, arguably served in the period that cremation made its upswing in American death culture. And, like most funeral directors of my generation, we saw this increasing trend, in general, as a movement away from the high costs of earth burial […]

Cremation Regulations

Potential mandatory cremation causing stir in Great Britain coronavirus bill

According to this article from ARY News, the Great Britain drafted emergency Coronavirus Bill 2019-21, it is said to allow designated local authorities to disregard section 46(3) of the Public Health Act of 1984.  That section is designed to prevent a public authority to be able to cremate a body against the wishes of the deceased. Again, according to the article, the proposed bill has caused people in religious communities that may not prefer cremation to rally opposition.  They stand […]

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TGIF – It’s been quite a week!!

Let’s see. . . Super Bowl, State of the Union Speech, Impeachment Vote, my Minnesota Twins got involved in a blockbuster baseball trade, and my Minnesota Gophers beat arch-rival Wisconsin in basketball. . . it’s been quite a week to keep everything straight.  To end it for my Funeral Director Daily readers I will not bore you with a long business related article. . . but, will just provide you with some links on death care information that has been […]


Another “not in my backyard” crematory clash

Over the weekend we noticed this article from the Perryville News of Perryville, Missouri.  It concerns an issue that we are seeing more and more of as funeral homes and other concerns attempt to place new crematories in areas that they have not been located in before.  That issue centers around the public perception of emission safety of the cremation units. This particular situation includes the declination of a permit by the city’s planning and zoning commission with the reasoning […]


Can you make more by giving more?

Our funeral home firm embarked on building a new physical funeral home with a first ever, for us, crematory included in 2005.  It’s hard to believe that we have been headquartered there for 15 years as I remember things such as pointing out what trees we wanted to save on the bare lot.  Some of those trees are pretty big now. We decided to include a crematory simply because of what we had seen happening in our 40,000 population county.  […]

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Columbarium conundrum

The realization that  57% of cremated remains are not accounted for by means whereas the deceased can be memorialized into the future has caused some church communities to wonder if their ministry can help address the needs of the community that would lower this number.  According to this article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review, 35% of cremated remains are buried at a cemetery and about 8% are placed in columbariums.  The remaining 57% are returned to the family or […]

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Cape Town appeals for cremations

On Monday we brought you an article featuring the Church of Greece telling its parishioners that they would be denied a church service if they choose cremation over the long traditional custom of earth burial.  Today, we bring you this article which deals with the topic of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, appealing for its residents to choose cremation over the traditional earth burial custom. As you might expect, the Cape Town appeal comes from a virtual lack […]

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We’re not in Kansas anymore. . .or are we?

Alkaline hydrolysis as a means of final disposition keeps growing in legality in states across the United States.  Recomposition, the act of human composting becomes legal in the State of Washington this year, and now it is probable that the State of Kansas will see a bill introduced into its legislature to legalize “promession” as another form of final disposition of a human remains. Promession as a process comes to us as the invention of Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak.  Wiigh-Masak […]

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Cremation. . .Greek church opposition. . . a couple new products

We will start off our December writings going to the subject of cremation.  Over the long holiday weekend we noticed a couple of articles that we found interesting.  We will bring you some information from Greece and a couple of cremation products that have their origin in Japan. As you know, from this article that Funeral Director Daily brought you last month, the first crematoriums in Greece started operating just this year. This article from The Greek Reporter caught our […]


The Greening of cremation

National Geographic magazine published an article the other day that you can read here.  It was published in their “Environment and Conservation” sector and is entitled, “The environmental toll of cremating the dead“. The article makes the statement that 78% of Brits are now cremated and in America, we have surpassed the number of burials with cremations.  National Geographic points out and surmises that much of this cremation popularity is because it is seen as a “more environmentally friendly” option […]