Are you registered for CANA’s “Thinking Green” cremation symposium?


It is a only a little more than a month away. . . .are you ready to attend?  The “It” I’m referring to is the “Thinking Green” Cremation Symposium hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).  It’s happening from February 14-16, 2024, and you can learn much more about it here.


CANA’s Symposium is known for attracting some of the most innovative and creative people in the death care business.  And, according to the information CANA has provided on this years event, CANA is “exploring all things green“.


Here’s a list of some of the speakers and presenters that we know about:

  • Tim Collison, CEO, The Dodge Company
  • Liza Altenburg, Family Service Manager, Oakview Cemetery and Acacia Park Cemetery
  • Taelor Johnson, Director of Communications, Mueller Memorial
  • Rachel Essig, Cemeterian and Green Burial Council, Treasurer Green Burial Council
  • Neil Sherrin, Vice-President of Sales, Plotbox
  • Darren Crouch, President and CEO, Passages International
  • August Esposito, Account Manager, Implant Recycling LLC and IR Electric
  • Lindsey Ballard, Owner and Corporation Vice-President, Ballard-Sunder Funeral and Cremation
  • Nicki Mickolai, Head of Sales, North and South America, Resomation America
  • Janice Honeycutt Herig, CEO, Firecracker Leadership
  • Landon Elder, Director of  Operations, Starmark
  • Jessica Wakefield, General Manager, Sacred Tidings Holistic Funeral Care; Keaton’s Mortuary, Keaton’s Redwood Chapel


CANA also reports that there are over 7 hours of CEU’s available during the symposium.


Here is the schedule and more information on CANA’s 2024 Cremation Symposium


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