Small Funeral Homes and Being Bold in Cremation Pricing – Part 1

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2017 /

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve just read the Minneapolis Tribune and, as I always do, perused the obituary section to not only see the obituaries but also to look at the death care related ads in it.  Last evening I was looking to book airfare for a winter trip for my wife and I –…

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Alkaline Hydrolysis Hits the New York Times

By Funeral Director Daily / October 23, 2017 /

The New York Times, for all the flack it gets for its political stances, is still a newspaper that reports on what is happening in America.  When trends are mentioned in the New York Times, they tend to not stay trends much longer – and in many instances morph into the fabric of what is…

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Funeral Rites Fit for a King

By Funeral Director Daily / October 13, 2017 /

In our profession it is interesting to note what kind of funeral rites are held around the world.  One year ago today, on October 13, 2016, the King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej died.  Since that time plans have been made for a Royal Cremation for the nation. Prior to the Royal Cremation, the King’s…

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Monday Morning “Snip-Its”

By Funeral Director Daily / October 2, 2017 /

This Monday morning we will bring you some updates on issues/articles that we have mentioned in the past that are back in the news.  We’ve found out that the City of Irvine, California, is one step closer to its first ever veterans cemetery, that California Governor Jerry Brown’s signature is the only remaining necessity in…

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A New Home for Neglected Remains

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2017 /

Not so long ago we wrote an article on a somewhat new phenomena of the cremation generation.  I refer to the 1960’s to about the year 2000 as the Golden Age of Funeral Service and have coined the term “Cremation Generation” for the time period beginning in 2000 up to the present time.  The new…

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Monday Morning “Snip-Its”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 18, 2017 /

Funeral Director Daily’s Monday morning round-up of death care related items we discovered over the weekend includes a wide variety of topics again this week.  We’ve got information on where to find articles on how funeral homes in Miami are coping with the loss of power after Hurricane Irma, an article that has been published…

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Cremation Tattoos Becoming Popular

By Funeral Director Daily / September 6, 2017 /

Diane Lange, the owner of Moonlight Tattoo in Ocean View, New Jersey has been tattooing for 35 years.  In the past six months, however, she has explained that the number of calls she is getting for cremation tattoos has been rapidly increasing. While we know that cremation rates have been increasing in the U.S., what…

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A Sign of the Times

By Funeral Director Daily / July 24, 2017 /

Yesterday’s edition of the Morning Call, a newspaper covering the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania carried an article about a new crematory receiving permission to be installed by the Fullerton Wilbert Vault and Burial Company in the Lehigh Valley.  It goes on to say the the zoning board unanimously approved the installation  for a business that…

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Chicago Archdiocese Opens First Cremation Garden

By Funeral Director Daily / July 18, 2017 /

After forbidding cremation for centuries the Roman Catholic Church accepted the practice in 1963.  As the practice got more popular the Vatican decided last fall to issue a proclamation that ashes should be preserved in a church sponsored sacred place and not kept at home or scattered. An article in the Chicago Tribune just last…

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Rural America: Can Cremation/Memorial Services be Your Friend??

By Funeral Director Daily / July 3, 2017 /

I graduated from mortuary school in 1980 and in June of that year entered the funeral profession.  Life was pretty simple, families were of the nuclear type, services only differed dependent on what religion the deceased belonged to, and there was no cremation in my little area of Minnesota.  I tell this story often —…

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