Why Aren’t More Stories Like This Told

I recently viewed via video and read a story posted by KOCO of Oklahoma.  The story was an incredibly heartwarming one of a segregated  cemetery in Logan County, Oklahoma, where a fence separated the sides which had Caucasions buried on one side of the fence and African Americans buried on the other side. The group, Honoring American Veterans, came together to clean brush and spruce up the cemetery.   What happened when these people got together and discovered the fence […]


Funeral Directors, Cemeteries, and Current Events

I came across an article this morning that made me reflect that the death care industry generally moves and changes with social mores over time and usually does not let current events dictate change in the industry.  However, once in a while, current events can move change along quick. While not going into the merits of the current events in our country right now I found it interesting that the Los Angeles Times had a story about the Hollywood Forever […]


Here is a Creative Opportunity

In 2004 Ralph Little had a problem — he was the owner of the Tam O’Shanter Golf Course in South Florida.  According to an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinal, Little then planned a 300 home development on the property that did not pan out.  He thought about putting in  a large-scale water park.  That wasn’t going to work either. So, today Little operates the Fairway Memorial Garden Cemetery on the property.  It has a large marble mausoleum in […]


A Perpetual Problem

An editorial appeared over the weekend in the Meridian Star of Mississippi concerning abandoned cemeteries and solutions on how to make them whole again. The article talks about a recent state decision to award two cemeteries in Mississippi that were abandoned to a new company, Perpetual, LLC.  The story continues to tell of the decision to take the cemeteries away from William Arlinghouse as a result of missing perpetual care funds, missing grave markers, and neglect. Mississippi Secretary of State […]

Cemetery Regulations

Canada Town Rejects Muslim Cemetery

I guess it is a sign of the times that we live in.  Last Sunday the community of Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec – a small community of about 5000 residents just outside of Quebec City – defeated a referendum that would have allowed a minor zoning change in order to open up the possibility of a Muslim Cemetery in the community. According to an article on BBC.com, the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre had proposed a site and purchased land in a wooded […]

Cemetery Cremation

Chicago Archdiocese Opens First Cremation Garden

After forbidding cremation for centuries the Roman Catholic Church accepted the practice in 1963.  As the practice got more popular the Vatican decided last fall to issue a proclamation that ashes should be preserved in a church sponsored sacred place and not kept at home or scattered. An article in the Chicago Tribune just last week announced the opening of the first Chicago Archdiocese Cemetery cremation garden for just that purpose.  The Cremation Garden of St. Francis at the All […]


Pioneer Cemeteries — Is there a Solution??

Some of us in rural America understand the concept of pioneer cemeteries.  They are small cemeteries with, in most instances, only a few burials that date back to the 1800s.  Most of these cemeteries are fenced in and closed, if not by decision, then by practicality to new burials. Today, however, when there is great cost to buy cemetery plots at larger metropolitan cemeteries and also a trend for getting back to community and nature, many of these cemeteries are […]


Arlington National Cemetery Facts

The goal of mine with Funeral Director Daily is not only to assist and inform owner/operators of funeral homes and cemeteries with business ideals and practices that are current in the industry but to educate them with items they don’t necessarily have the time to look into on their own. Today’s message is one of those items. Recently I found an interesting fact sheet on Arlington National Cemetery published by CNN affiliate, Gant News.  I would suggest that you click […]


Army finally finalizes plans for Arlington Expansion Land

For several years now the U.S. Army, operators of Arlington National Cemetery, have planned for an expansion to the south but had not really figured out how they were going to get the land to do so.  It was thought that they would probably do some type of land swap with Arlington County, Virginia, and eventually get it figured out. Last Thursday, the U.S. Army announced, according to an article in the Army Times, that they will be purchasing five […]