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It’s already the eve of the 3rd Tuesday of the month –  when the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) presents its interactive peer support meeting for those in the Death Care profession.  All of the peer support network is accessible online via Zoom.


CANA says this about their peer support network, “This meeting is open to anyone who serves their communities during some of their worst moments, providing care to the grieving. That includes everyone from the front office to the back room, chapel to gravesite, suited to coveralls — and everyone in-between. As a peer support meeting, all are invited to share personal experiences and connect with people who understand what you.”


CANA also gives us this information about the topic for the June 20 peer support meeting, “In many countries around the world, June is recognized as Pride Month to celebrate and commemorate the activists and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The month is filled with parades and picnics, but also memorials for the many members and activists of the community that lost their lives to hate, fear, and disease. It’s a powerful reminder to not only serve all members of your community, but also to celebrate the diversity of your colleagues and staff. In observance of Pride Month, the June 20, 2023, funeral professionals peer support meeting welcomes Tim McLoone and Dr. Sara Murphy to facilitate a discussion on the experience of today’s LGBTQ+ funeral professional, allyship, and better serving this community.”


To learn more about tomorrow night’s peer support meeting and/or to register to participate on Zoom, click here.


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