CANA, NFDA offer valuable insights with conventions, programming

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is getting ready to host its 104th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 17-19.  The event will have some of the most powerful speakers in the death care industry involved and on hand for operators to learn from.

Brian Waters, funeral director, embalmer and host of Undertaking: The Podcast, kicks off CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention by questioning industry trends, ideas, best practices, and pretty much everything we do.

According to CANA, “In the course of hosting more than 380 episodes of Undertaking: The Podcast, Brian has talked to funeral directors across the country to learn what they know. “I’ve constantly heard about ways to improve business, increase cremation profits and connect with families on Facebook. I’m inundated with news of new products that will ‘disrupt’ death care or new methods of disposition that will make us ‘think outside of the box’. In my journey with the podcast, I’ve been obsessed with learning new ways to explain the value of a funeral director and a funeral.”

“We have an opportunity like never before,” Brian says. “COVID-19 has told Americans ‘no’ for over a year now. Over that time, we have seen what happens when people cannot gather to say goodbye and receive the support of their neighbors.  The value of a funeral has never been more obvious and now is our time to reinforce that value with our community.”

To learn more about the 104th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention click here.

CANA Peer Support Group online meeting tomorrow night, July 19

Join CANA’s regular third Tuesday meeting for Funeral Professionals Peer Support. This meeting is open to anyone who serves their communities during some of their worst moments, providing care to the grieving. That includes everyone from the front office to the back room, chapel to gravesite, suited to coveralls — and everyone in-between. As a peer support meeting, all are invited to share personal experiences and connect with people who understand what you experience everyday.

To learn more and register for the CANA Peer Support meeting click here.

NFDA Webinar:  Support for Everyday Issues.  Every Day:  An overview of your SupportLinc MAP.

Join Kayla Isaacs, Director of Client Services at CureLinc Healthcare leads this webinar event.

Here’s what NFDA says about it:

“Life can be a juggling act. It takes time and energy to balance your work, family and personal wellbeing. Your SupportLinc Member Assistance Program (MAP) is available around-the-clock, 365 days a year, to help manage life’s challenges, at no cost to you or your household members.

This seminar will provide an overview of SupportLinc’s services, expert guidance, and valuable resources – all 100% confidential – for a wide array of personal and work-related concerns, including stress, anxiety, grief, mindfulness, relationship issues, dependent care and much, much more.”

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20.  To learn more about it and register click here.

NFDA’s “A Brush with Death” podcast series continues.

Here’s a couple of their latest episodes:

Episode #39 – Calling all Leaders — Learn about the NFDA’s new “Emerging Leaders Program”

Episode #40 – A Funeral Fit for a President.  — In this episode show host Gabe Schauf talks to funeral director, author, and speaker, Todd Van Beck about presidential funerals. They discuss how presidential funerals have evolved throughout history, how they have influenced how families care for their deceased, and what we can learn from our past as funeral professionals.

To learn more or listen to these episodes click here.

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