Afternoon Edition: Utah funeral director hopes to build business with donated services

It’s not everyday when someone opens a business and then says they are going to build that business by donating the business’ services.  However, that is exactly what James Stephens is saying as the Managing Funeral Director of the new White Pines Funeral Home in Logan, Utah.

According to this article from the Herald Journal News of Utah, Stephens and a group of investors are expected to open their funeral home in mid-October.  The group purchased the building from foreclosure and have no affiliation with the previous owners of the building and funeral home.

Again, according to the article, the building was formerly occupied by the Nyman Funeral Home and was “affected by the alleged mishandling of pre-need funeral arrangement trusts”.  Stephens is quoted in the article as saying, “We are just really, really saddened by what happened and can imagine how hard that would be for those families.  What we can do is offer our professional services”.

To that end, while former pre-arranged client families will have to purchase merchandise, White Pine Funeral Home states in the article that if a family can bring in a funeral contract from the previous owner, White Pine will then donate a services portion of the funeral up to $4,995.

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