Afternoon edition: FDLIC brightens up, SCI buys adjoining cemetery property, and more

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we have a couple of national firms in the news for differing reasons.  First of all, we will tell you of Funeral Directors Life (FDLIC) and their investment in saving some of the world’s energy.  They recently added a parking lot that will be covered by about 1300 solar panels that will provide energy for the company’s corporate headquarters.  You can see photos in this article here.

And we also bring you a Florida news story that mentions that Service Corporation International is paying $895,000 for a one acre site that will eventually be turned into cemetery property adjoining their already owned 100 acre Hardage-Giddens Oaklawn Cemetery.  You can access that story here.

Finally, for you history buffs, we have an interesting story on what ever happened to the mausoleum built for Bulgaria’s ruler Georgi Dimitrov who died in the Soviet Union in 1949.  You can access this interesting story here.

More from the world of Death Care:

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