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Today we bring you a short, less than 3 minute video, and article that you can access here that has the CEO of death care conglomerate InvoCare speaking on why he believes it “is a transformational time” in the industry.  CEO Martin Earp, speaking with CNBC, talks of the major shift on how people are approaching their own funeral instead of having someone else plan it after they are gone.

Earp contends in the video that people are now “hands on” and are looking for something less formal.  He says, “They’d rather have videos of people telling stories about their loved one than maybe a priest just reading out loud.”  “Over and above that” he says, “is that customers want the event to be local and are looking for one-stop solutions.”

Funeral Director Daily take:  Earp’s company, InvoCare, is putting their money where their mouth is.  They are putting millions into their funeral service facilities so that they can “provide the highest levels of customer service and product offerings.”  Earp states that this is being done as a long-term investment to meet the needs of customers.

Our question to you is, “Are you investing in your facilities so you don’t lose those heritage client families to other facilities that may be more in tune with what seems to be a changing environment?”  To keep your business viable and growing — make sure that you don’t have your head in the sand in terms of providing what a new clientele may prefer.

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