VA promotes “Together We Served” memorialization


I recently learned of a Veterans Administration (VA) product that all funeral homes can suggest to the military veterans in your community.  It is called “Service Reflections” and comes from the  “Together We Served” (TWS) initiative with the end result being a memorial that all Veterans and their families can be proud of.


Here’s what the VA says of this project:

“By way of a guided questionnaire and a specially designed interface called ‘Service Reflections,’ TWS makes it very easy for Veterans to record memories of key people and events from their military service. Their service story comes to life by simply answering one question at a time to which they can add accompanying photographs.

The result is a beautiful 12-inch-wide presentation of a Veteran’s entire Military Service Story, from enlistment to separation, complete with their personal Military Service Plaque. Veterans can download and save the plaque as a PDF file or share it with family and friends via a personal web address.”


According to this information from the Veterans Administration, “Service Reflections” is a free service.


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