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Is there a time when you haven’t given the task at hand your all in effort?  Maybe your feeling burned out or under-appreciated.  Odds are that if you have felt that way, you are probably not alone with the thought.


Tonight, January 16, the Cremation Association of North America once again presents its Peer Support Network in which you can join in.  And, here’s what their teaser on their subject say about tomorrow night:


“The term quiet quitting took the internet by storm a few years ago, but it was merely a new phrase for old behavior: doing the minimum at a job. In the funeral profession, where we all strive to go above-and-beyond for every family we serve, this type of reaction might be expressed by how we prioritize certain tasks over others, push back on management’s directives, or carry out other small acts of silent protest against the work culture.”


Funeral Professionals Peer Support US Program Director Kim Zavrotny facilitates the monthly peer support meeting to reflect on those moments when we don’t give 110% to what we do. Whether you’re experiencing it now, made a change that made a difference on the job, or just want to be there in support, they invite you to join in the conversation.


To learn more and register click here.


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