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It seems like we just got through that busy holiday season, but it also seems like the world picks back up and we better get back on the ride so that we don’t get left behind.  I’ve just happened to notice a lot going on in the Death Care world and a lot more coming up that you can get registered for.  Here’s some events going on that will help get you up to date in Death Care:

ICCFA’s DEAD Talks — This three-day seminar sponsored by the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, will be going on in Las Vegas beginning on Wednesday.  According to information from the ICCFA, “DEAD Talks is a can’t-miss sales conference that will leave you with solid strategies and tips you can immediately implement into your career as a family service counselor or deathcare sales professional. Over two and a half days, you’ll be immersed in fast-paced educational sessions led by the profession’s top experts, all while having a blast with old friends and new acquaintances from all over the world.”


It is interesting for me to note that the ICCFA keynote speaker will be LaQuita Cleare of Clear Communications Academy.  According to her biography she has worked for more than a decade to help companies, associations, and celebrities build a stronger brand image.  That choice is interesting, probably timely, and somewhat gives a trend indication of where some people think business marketing is going.  And, that trend seems to be that building your brand by “telling your story” is a strategy that may differentiate you in the marketplace and grow your business.  It’s the same type of message that was given at the NFDA Convention by keynote speaker Kindra Hall which somewhat proves my point that it is a trend in the making.


To learn more about the ICCFA’s DEAD Talks click here.


CANA’s Cremation Symposium —  This seminar will take place February 8-10, 2023, in Las Vegas.  According to a press release from CANA, “The pandemic transformed technological solutions from nice-to-have to a must-have for businesses to keep serving families. Now, these solutions are essential to running a successful business. Will de Michaelis and Tyler Yamasaki invite you to join Efficiency or Die: A Gentle Fireside Chat to discuss how technology helps your business advance.”


Joining those speakers a the symposium, according to a release from CANA, will be the following presenters and topics:

  • In The Right Way of Management: Meaning and Purpose for Your People, Eric Layer will share proven research and strategies from inside and outside the funeral business from his consulting firm McKee Wallwork and his 2020 book The Right Way of Death.
  • Leili McMurrough of Worsham College will help you create a funeral home environment that welcomes and retains The Young and the Restless by taking an “employee-centered” perspective.
  • Jason Widing of Foundation Partners Group will reveal new data to help you understand how to align your business’s culture with Online Deathcare: Evolving Consumer Expectations to succeed.
  • Jonathan Lewis, president of consulting firm McKee Wallwork + Co., leads a discussion on how to understand the big picture of your company’s health during his Culture Compass
  • Emerging Trends will spark debate on the changes to the FTC Funeral Rule, split licensure, and new forms of disposition moderated by CANA President and SCI AVP of Government and Industry Relations Caressa Hughes.
  • …plus, presenters will host Roundtable Conversations on their areas of expertise!

For more information on the Cremation Association of North America’s (CANA) Cremation Symposium click here.


Johnson Consulting Group to offer Leadership and Management Training Workshops — Death Care consulting and management experts Johnson Consulting Group has announced that they will be offering two training workshops in the Spring of 2023.  Here’s what they say about these workshops:


We have limited seats available for our Spring Leadership and Management Program! This two-session workshop is specifically designed for the up-and-coming leaders and managers within the funeral/cemetery profession.

  • Our Leadership semester allows you to learn about who you are as a leader. You will leave the first semester with an improved understanding of yourself and how to best lead your team.
  • Our Management semester will take a deep dive into a financial toolkit, including a look at exclusive JCG industry benchmarks to get a feel for how to fully take hold of financial management in your firm. This allows students to walk away with confidence knowing the decisions they need to make to positively impact the future of their business.

Each workshop is followed up with three weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions with JCG’s experienced business consultants to further your learning through our team’s operational experience in leading funeral homes, cemeteries, large care centers, successful pre-need programs, and more.

The Leadership session is scheduled for March 8-9 and the Management session is scheduled for May 10-11.

To learn more click here. 


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