Park Lawn Corporation

Park Lawn Corporation announces three acquisitions

By Funeral Director Daily / October 19, 2021 /

Toronto-based Park Lawn Corporation, a funeral home and cemetery owner and operator, announced in this press release last week that it had acquired three businesses which constitute an addition of six stand-alone funeral homes, one stand-alone cemetery, three combination funeral home/cemetery properties, and five event centers.  All businesses are located in their growing North Carolina…

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Park Lawn Corporation adds acquisition

By Funeral Director Daily / October 5, 2021 /

It was announced last Friday that Park Lawn Corporation had acquired the Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home Limited.  The one building standalone funeral home is located in Pembroke, Ontario. The funeral home, according to this press release from Park Lawn Corporation, “performs approximately 153 calls per year.” Here’s what J. Bradley Green, Chief Executive…

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Will Axar take StoneMor private?

By Funeral Director Daily / October 1, 2021 /

As you can see from this Yahoo Finance article, Axar Capital Management has sent StoneMor Inc. a letter expressing “an interest in pursuing discussions concerning strategic alternatives that may be beneficial to the Company and its various stakeholders.”  As you may know, and according to E-Trade, Axar Capital Management currently owns 88.6 million of the 118…

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Park Lawn Corporation Revenue, EBITDA improves for 2Q and Fiscal half-year

By Funeral Director Daily / August 23, 2021 /

Park Lawn Corporation, the Toronto, Ontario based funeral home and cemetery consolidator and operator announced 2nd Quarter financial results earlier this month.  For the company, revenue increased 8.5% to $88.4 million (US $68.9 m) from last year’s 2nd Quarter revenues of $81.5 million (US $63.59 m).  Adjusted EBITDA increased for the same time period to…

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Funeral service. . . . .by the numbers

By Funeral Director Daily / July 20, 2021 /

Funeral Director Daily published this article last week that we titled “We saw a lot of deaths in 2020”.  The article tried to put a number to the number of death care cases across the United States in our Covid-19 pandemic year.  We came up with the number of 3,427,321 which was a 20% increase…

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Funeral stocks continue solid climb

By Funeral Director Daily / June 8, 2021 /

As of last Friday, June 4, we were over five months into the 2021 calendar year.  Funeral Director Daily decided it was time to take a look at where the Death Care stocks were in relation to the stock market indices up to that day. What we found out is that the stocks of companies…

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Park Lawn’s CEO Brad Green comments on the labor market, acquisitions, preneed, and revenue per case

By Funeral Director Daily / May 17, 2021 /

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), the Toronto based funeral home and cemetery operator released First Quarter 2021 results last week.  As expected the results were very strong as deaths from the pandemic in those months, especially January, continued to be high.  Park Lawn Corporation’s net revenue grew about 26% to over $89 million for the quarter.…

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Death Care outpaces Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P for first third of 2021

By Funeral Director Daily / May 5, 2021 /

For the first time that I can remember since I have followed what is termed the Death Care Index (DCI), the DCI for a period of time has outpaced the standard measures of America’s public companies, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and the S & P 500.  For the time period of January…

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Independent operators. . . . .know your value

By Funeral Director Daily / April 13, 2021 /

Back in 1990 I spent about three days north of Vancouver, British Columbia, along the Campbell River fishing for salmon with a group of funeral industry people.  One of the days was spent in a small fishing boat with a gentleman about thirty years my senior who had spent almost his entire funeral service career…

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Park Lawn Corporation sees “significant growth in revenue, net earnings”

By Funeral Director Daily / April 1, 2021 /

Park Lawn Corporation reported their 2020 4th Quarter and Year End financial numbers earlier this week and the press release, which you can read here, states “. . . PLC finished 2020 with a powerful performance in Q4, which included achieving significant growth in revenue, net earnings, Adjusted Net Earnings, Adjusted EBITDA, and Adjusted EBITA…

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