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What’s with the “Pull-Forward” effect?

In the early days of the pandemic I was called by a reporter at the Business newspaper, Barron’s, for my opinion on, among other things, what was being termed the “pull-forward” effect of pandemic deaths. The theory at that time was that it appeared that most of those dying from Covid deaths were elderly and of somewhat ill health to begin with.  If that was the case, then one might assume that a great number of those people were probably […]


NFDA President-Elect candidate parallels Military and Mortuary service

Fate determined that this was meant to be an article for Funeral Director Daily.  I’m very familiar with the “Journey to Serve” program launched by the Funeral Service Foundation and the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) Educational Foundation, in part,  through the work of my friend Jim Price. The other day I noticed this article from the Employee Benefits News entitled “Why this organization is recruiting veterans into the funeral service industry”.  When I saw the article I knew […]

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Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily. . .here’s our top read stories of the past month

With almost 2,800 daily subscribers and about 13,000 page views every 30 days, there is no doubt that lots of death care professionals are reading Funeral Director Daily.  Stories that range from grief to employment issues to business articles means that over 30 days there is something of interest for everybody. Here are the articles that garnered the most views during the time period of June 15 to July 15. . . If you missed one of these articles make […]

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Hillenbrand ponders Batesville Casket’s future

A press release out of Batesville, Indiana, caught a lot of the death care profession off guard on Wednesday.  That press release, which you can read here, was from Hillenbrand Industries and announced that the company would “explore strategic alternatives for its Batesville business”. Here’s what parent company Hillenbrand Industries President and CEO Kim Ryan said in the release, “Today’s announcement is a defining moment for Hillenbrand, building on the exceptional work our teams have done to position our businesses […]


The cost of a funeral

I recently saw an article in The Hustle that compared the cost of three family outings in 1960 to the cost of those three family outings in 2022 — a period 62 years later.  And, just because I like to compare those types of things with all things “funeral”, I searched out prices that puts a traditional funeral and its prices into the equations for the same time period.  I’ve put the numbers in chart format which you can see […]


Will Millennials change death care purchasing?

That age group in the United States termed “Millennials” was born from 1981 to 1994 which makes their ages today range from about 28 years of age to about 41 years of age.  According to one source there are about 72 million of that age group in the United States which represents about 22% of the population. There are some that are arguing that this “Millennial” group of people has, or will, change death care.  According to this article from […]


The “Man in the Van” reprised

I’m guessing the funeral home entrepreneur “Man in the Van” has been around for going on 50 years.  My idea of the “Man in the Van” or mobile funeral home operator, is that individual funeral director business operator who operates without a permanent venue.  In essence, they take calls over the internet or the phone and make arrangements with families in the survivors’ homes.  Any services are conducted in public venues such as churches or cemeteries. They generally use trade […]

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CANA, NFDA offer valuable insights with conventions, programming

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is getting ready to host its 104th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 17-19.  The event will have some of the most powerful speakers in the death care industry involved and on hand for operators to learn from. Brian Waters, funeral director, embalmer and host of Undertaking: The Podcast, kicks off CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention by questioning industry trends, ideas, best practices, and pretty much everything we do. According […]

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Dignity plc annual report: “In time, price drop will lead to volume growth”

There was much ado last year about Great Britain’s largest provider of funerals and cremations, Dignity plc,  and their upcoming change in strategy.  While not apprised of the entire situation, I do know that the company was coming under scrutiny from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) as well as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as were all United Kingdom providers of death care services, in their pricing of services to consumers. According to the Dignity plc Annual Report and […]

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NFL Packers put “pocket” in jersey for cremated remains

I’m surprised I missed this article last October when it was originally published by CBS Sports.  However, I’m glad that I found it recently while researching another article for Funeral Director Daily. The article touches on sports but is, in my opinion, an article on death care, grief, the human psyche, and the movement of “remembrance” into a much more personal realm than many death care professionals acknowledge. The article points out that Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones […]