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Rural Iowa funeral home expands

We came across an article recently that introduced new owners at the Hackett-Livingston Funeral Home in Shenandoah, Iowa.  The article is interesting to us as it brings up the idea of funeral home brand growth in rural areas. Most people in the death care space will talk about “demographics” as much as they talk about EBITDA and market share today when valuing funeral home properties.  We’ve even done articles on the subject of demographics such as this one from last […]

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The Journey Group Keeps Growing

The Journey Group, a death care industry consolidator based out of the New Orleans area, announced last week the purchase and acquisition of two firms in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, area.  Both firms are metropolitan combination firms — each with a funeral home facility on a cemetery property. According to the press release that you can read here, this brings The Journey Group’s Alabama holdings to four cemeteries and five funeral homes. The Journey Group is led by CEO Larry […]