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Death Care stocks not immune to recent downturn

If you had any money in the stock market during 2021 it would have been hard not to grow your investment cache.  During the 2021 calendar year the three indices most commonly referred to as a bellwether of the markets, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and the S & P 500 were up 18.7%, 21.4%, and 26.9% respectively. And, if you had watched the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) you would see that index, which holds […]


Traditions. . . .it’s good to remember them

I enjoy learning.   I know that there is an awful lot left to learn by me in my lifetime.  And, it goes without saying that I love to learn more and more about the funeral profession because it was the profession that I earned my living in.  I’ve also found out that sometimes I learn even when I don’t think I’m going to. So, when I saw this article entitled “Death rituals in Black community have been altered or forgone […]

Afternoon Edition

The experts opine on Service Corporation and Carriage Services

We’ve now entered the season where public companies will give their reports on their 4th Quarter and Year End results from 2021.  As the death care companies report their results we will bring them to you. It’s also a season where financial and stock analysts like to give us their opinions on what has happened and what they think will happen in the next year or longer with these companies. Today we bring you two such reports on a couple […]

Business Regulations

Canada’s Ontario province pulls out the stops to help funeral home staff shortages

This article and video news story from CTV Canada explains that because of a chronic shortage of death care workers coupled with an increased number of deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) “is calling retirees into service to fill out vacancies and for the first time, it’s allowing college students to work in the industry before they have completed their studies.” Funeral Director Joe O’Neil of O’Neil Funeral Home in London, Ontario is quoted […]

Business Regulations

Funeral directors, employee shortages, and death care license requirements

Today we bring you this interesting article from the Iowa Capital Dispatch concerning a potential funeral director who believed he needed a waiver to receive his Iowa Funeral Directors License.  One of the requirements for licensure by the Iowa Board of Mortuary Science is that the applicant has completed 60 college credit hours and maintained a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) relative to those earned credits. The article tells the story of Andrew Merschman who had completed […]


Foundation Partners Group announces new acquisition, record growth

In this press release from last week, Foundation Partners Group (FPG) announced a new acquisition and also gave some indication of its growth over the past couple of years. Foundation Partners Group is the privately owned death care consolidator based in Orlando, Florida, that appears to set its acquisition sights on cremation heavy firms.  FPG is owned by Access Partners of Baltimore, Maryland. In the press release the company announces the acquisition of Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society of […]

Business Finance

What we are hearing on the Street. .. . and from some other sources

So, we are one week into the new year of 2022.  There are a few things that have been predicted since the new Presidential administration came into office last January, especially after the inflationary times that started last Spring. One of the the predicted things we heard about was that a new administration may eventually get around to changing some of the tax laws about capital gains. . . . . in other words, how the money is taxed when […]

Business Preneed Products

Digital life and legacy services company has raised $7.5 million to date

What happens to our online accounts, photos, documents and more when we die? According to this press release, “Our digital lives – and deaths – are increasingly complex.  Recent surveys show that some 65% of U.S. adults do not remember their passwords and another shows that 95% have no idea what happens to their digital stuff when they die.” The press release goes on to say, “GoodTrust offers a comprehensive suite of estate-planning tools including the ability to create a free […]

Business Cemetery

9th century Viking sword discovered in Scottish grave. . and a discussion on heritage families

Not every article that appears in Funeral Director Daily has a direct bearing on the business world of funerals, cremations, and burials.  However, if you stick with me with this article, dealing with this discovery, we will discuss the power of heritage funerals among other things. A sword found buried in a Scottish grave in 2015 has recently been revealed as very rare.  According to this article in Smithsonian Magazine, this find reveals only the 2nd “Type D” Viking sword […]


Some great advice and wisdom

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services, based in Cleveland, Ohio,  co-owner Mark Busch retired not long ago.  According to a recent article that I read, he began work at the family firm in 1982 and retired in 2020.  The family firm dates it origins back to 1905. Busch recently talked of his involvement as an owner and the decisions he made to help the company become a known leader in death care.  He shared these insights with the NFDA’s Memorial Business […]