Security National shows the way

By Funeral Director Daily / November 20, 2023 /

  In business it is many times believed that the smaller you are, the more nimble you can be.  And, if you live on a lake or an ocean you probably have heard the phrase that you “can turn around a jetski faster than an aircraft carrier”.   Both of those thoughts came to my…

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Life Expectancy drops again in United States

By Funeral Director Daily / November 17, 2023 /

      According to this recent article from Stat, life expectancies in America have dropped and the gap between Men’s life expectancies and Women’s life expectancies continues to widen.  The statistics show that men now have life expectancies 5.8 years less than women.   Overall United States life expectancies have dropped from 78.8 years…

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Matthews International. . . its history and its business

By Funeral Director Daily / October 23, 2023 /

A recent article in Smart Business Pittsburgh magazine featured the Death Care conglomerate Matthews International.  Matthews is known in Death Care from Matthews Memorialization which includes the ability to supply to funeral homes and cemeteries products such as caskets, cremation equipment, and cemetery markers among a host of products.   The article, which you can…

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What’s with the tennis shoes??

By Funeral Director Daily / October 20, 2023 /

This article from CBS News began with this sentence, “In offices across the country, the sneakers-with-a-suit look is becoming increasingly common. Now, even the hallowed halls of U.S. Congress are embracing the trend.”  And, if you go to that article you will find a short CBS video news story about members of the United States…

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Google Search. . . . and why funeral homes need Ring Ring Marketing

By Funeral Director Daily / October 17, 2023 /

  Part of my daily routine is to get a run (or some tell me it is a jog. . . or even a slog)  in early in the morning.  However, even before I do that I log onto my computer to check to see if Funeral Director Daily was distributed overnight as expected.  I…

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Next week is a great week for learning opportunities. .

By Funeral Director Daily / October 13, 2023 /

      Before we ride into the weekend, I happened to notice that next week in the world of Death Care there are some exciting learning and self-growth opportunities for those involved in the profession.  As we head into the weekend here is a synopsis of what I found in opportunities that you might…

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The New Operators

By Funeral Director Daily / October 12, 2023 /

    As I look for material to bring before the readers of Funeral Director Daily I continue to be amazed at, what I consider, the number of new “Death Care” operators that are hanging out a shingle and opening for business.  And, unlike the 1940’s when there was a large expansion of men opening…

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Is Pet Death Care in your future?

By Funeral Director Daily / October 10, 2023 /

  Morgan Stanley equity analyst Simeon Gutman recently made this comment in this white paper from Morgan Stanley, “Americans are increasingly attached to their pets, which is clearly shown in survey results, and thus pet spending is a priority.  Consumers are less willing to cut pet spending even when real personal disposable income declines.”  …

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With a history from livery service to modern funeral home. . . Key West funeral home changes hands

By Funeral Director Daily / October 4, 2023 /

  At Funeral Director Daily we hear about a lot of funeral homes that change hands.  We can’t report on all of them, but some family funeral homes have such unique historical characteristics that we like to pass on the knowledge of those transactions just to keep the historical perspective of funeral homes in America…

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Will “young people” bring back the funeral

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2023 /

  Funerals, cremations, memorial services, and other Death Care purchases by the consumer are not done in a vacuum.  Consumers make all kinds of decisions on purchases with all kinds of products and services and sometimes those decisions change over time as to the overall philosophy of the purchase.   It’s no secret that in…

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