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Cremation – What’s Next in the Market?

The Cremation Association of North America just wrapped up its weeklong gathering of cremation professionals at CANA2018.  While I did not attend, I have kept up with some of the issues that were discussed and saw a quote come out of the convention that I wanted to discuss further. The quote I am referring to was attributed to Jason Engler, CANA Historian, and is the following, “The selling point of cremation has evolved over 100 years from sanitation to aesthetics […]


As Maine Goes. . .So Goes the Nation

When I was younger the election night banter we always heard was as the title of this article, “As Maine Goes. . . So Goes the Nation”.  What it meant under those circumstances was that the State of Maine had an uncanny history of always selecting the Presidential candidate correctly, so the commentators pointed out that the way Maine voted would most likely end in the same result as the nation. The title of today’s article, however, stems from a […]