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Challenges managing thru constant change

I’ve told you before that I get a lot of ideas for articles simply by seeing what is going on in “current events” and then trying to hypothesize how those current events will affect the death care industry.  I’m writing this column on Thursday, October 14, and during my workout this morning with the television on I saw a couple of statistics that reminded me how difficult it can be to manage a business through constant change.  . as compared […]


Park Lawn Corporation adds acquisition

It was announced last Friday that Park Lawn Corporation had acquired the Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home Limited.  The one building standalone funeral home is located in Pembroke, Ontario. The funeral home, according to this press release from Park Lawn Corporation, “performs approximately 153 calls per year.” Here’s what J. Bradley Green, Chief Executive Officer of Park Lawn said about the transaction, “This is an excellent opportunity for Park Lawn to expand its footprint in Ontario as we continue […]

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Natural Organic Reduction now operating in Colorado

According to this article from U.S. News & World Report, the process of natural organic reduction or what is commonly referred by many consumers as “human composting” is now available in the state of Colorado.  Legalized by the state over a year ago with a September 7, 2021, legal start date, at least one death care facility, The Natural Funeral in Lafayette, Colorado is open for natural organic reduction business. Co-owner of The Natural Funeral, Seth Viddal, is quoted in […]


We just passed Labor Day. . . time to start planning for next year

When I was in my working and funeral home owning/ managing years Labor Day passed and Angie got the kids off for a new school year and I started the financial planning for the next year at the funeral home.  Yes, the 3rd Quarter was not even completed in the current year and there was almost a full four months left until New Year’s Day, but planning and starting to move on that plan took time. As I have mentioned […]

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Online memorial startup Memories brings in over $30 million in funding. . . InvoCare invests $4 million

Online memorials seem to be one of the likeliest winners among potential start-ups in the Death Care space. . . . at least that is what it is looking like from the investment community.  According to articles that we link below it appears that over the summer months the Australian based Memories has raised over $34 million, which if in Australian dollars is still impressive as it equals about $25 million U.S. dollars. InvoCare, a public company and the largest […]


Improve your death care business by always learning more

If you have followed my articles for any length of time you know that I enjoy business and the many facets that enter into being a profitable company.  I like to think I know the funeral home business pretty well as I operated my own funeral home for 33 years creating budgets that lead to increased profitability almost every single year. However, I also have had the opportunity to be involved in other businesses in either an ownership capacity or […]


StoneMor Inc. partners with Empathy. . . .Reports 2nd Quarter financials

StoneMor, Inc. the Pennsylvania based operator of cemeteries and funeral homes last week announced a partnership with end-of-life technology support start-up Empathy.  Empathy is, as they say, powered by technology and driven by purpose in helping grieving families handle countless tasks following the death of a loved one.  The company describes itself as “a service platform that helps families navigate the journey they face after losing a loved on.”  Here’s what StoneMor, Inc. CEO Joe Redling said in this prepared […]


Meet America’s seventh generation funeral firm, NextGen leadership survey

President James Monroe was one of the founding father’s of American history and from 1817 to 1825 he served as the country’s 5th President.  It was during his presidency that David Ross began building coffins in the Shanksville, Pennsylvania, area.  The legacy of that business, the Deaner Funeral Home recently celebrated its 200th year of business and now has its 7th generation member, Lindsey Deaner, working at the establishment. Sixth generation family member, Don Deaner, started working in the business […]


This isn’t your mother’s funeral home

Tonight (August 12), according to this article from MarketWatch, if you happen to be in Manhattan you can stop by the historic Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, take a seat inside, and enjoy a night of comedy.  The article states that four comedians are ready to “play the room” where services for diplomats, socialites, and entertainers have been held for years. According to a quote from the President of Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, William Villanova, “It’s all part of […]


Foundation Partners enters Las Vegas market

It was announced in this press release that Foundation Partners Group, the Orlando, Florida, based funeral home and cemetery consolidator and operator, has acquired Kraft Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The press release notes that this is Foundation Partners Group’s (FPG) first acquisition in Nevada. . . .the state with America’s highest cremation percentage rate. Tom Kominsky, CFO of Foundation Partners Group, said this of the acquisition, “Kraft Sussman is ahead of the curve in a […]