Some History and Investment Perspective on Service Corporation International

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I’m a buy and hold investor and enjoy learning about companies that over time will bring a nice positive return to my portfolio. I also like to learn as much as I can about companies and those in the death care industry give me added perspective — I always try to learn what they are doing right and apply it to my own business.  Many times I learned valuable lessons – that I put to work right at home –  from what I discovered.

Today I came across a recent article on the potential for investing in Service Corporation International (SCI) in an article from Seeking Alpha.  It’s a condensed history on the company — funeral services largest conglomerate – and also a primer on what is going on in the funeral business today.  If you read it, I think there is a lot to learn not only on the company, but on what will affect your firm’s operations going forward, and some history you should know relative to when SCI took on too much debt — sound familiar with your firm??

Funeral Director Daily take:  You will find out that SCI, over the years, didn’t always make the best business decisions and had to turn the ship around to satisfy stockholders.  It just goes to show that there are management decisions – at times difficult to make — that can play a major role in how your company operates.  Many funeral firms today are feeling the “pinch” of less revenue as the industry has morphed into a majority cremation (over earth burial) industry.  However, just like the SCI re-positioning, you can do the same with your firm and continue to be profitable in the new environment.

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