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Service above self. . . . the funeral director in 2020

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As we move into the weekend we bring you some reading material including an article on how the indigent funeral program in Ohio has more requests than usual because of a combination of not only COVID-19 deaths, but an uptick in opioid deaths as well.

We also bring you a video and news story out of Buffalo that tells of a crematory about to re-open after paying a fine and being temporarily shut down by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Finally, we have several stories of how funeral homes and their employees have adapted during the 2020 “Pandemic Year”.  There is no doubt that most funeral homes and funeral home staff were unwavering in their support for the families that they served and also ingenious in some of the ways that they did serve.

Some of these stories reveal how the funeral directors, in spite of their own fears, carried on to help those who had lost loved ones.  Quite frankly, that is the true story of service above self, or selflessness, among funeral directors that has always been shown in our profession.

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