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An occaissional  new feature that we will be starting at Funeral Director Daily is to introduce our readers to some of the new products and features that we find in the Death Care industry.  We will learn of most of these companies as they follow Funeral Director Daily from around the world on Twitter, via e-mail, or on Facebook.

Today we are introducing you to a product that we found distriubted out of the United Kingdom by Global Memorial Products called ScatterPods.  You can view their web-site here.  ScatterPods were created by funeral directors for the funeral industry.

One example of a ScatterPod.

ScatterPods are created especially for use when a family would like the cremains of their loved ones to be taken with them and eventually scattered at some place special to them and/or their loved one.  We found these designs to be very creative (and they have them available for pets also).

ScatterPods are not only for transportation and release of cremated ashes but may also be used as substitutes for metal or ceramic urns and buried or put into columbariums.

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