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Park Lawn moves cemetery projects forward

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Earlier in March Park Lawn Corporation, the Toronto based funeral home and cemetery consolidator and operator, announced that it was updating their progress on a couple of large projects.

The company announced that construction of an on-site funeral visitation and reception center at the Westminster Cemetery in Toronto was under way. The structure will be a 32,100 square foot facility and will be the company’s first on-site cemetery visitation center in Canada.    The press release which you can read here, indicates that Park Lawn on-site funeral homes provide the highest margins of all of their businesses.

Last year the company added 1,080 additional crypt spaces to Westminster Cemetery.

Park Lawn Corporation also announced that they are continuing to update the 78 acre Eternal Sunset Memorial Park and Cemetery in Lafayette, New Jersey.  In a press release that you can read here they indicate that they have added approximately 12,000 new lots to the inventory since 2018.

According to Jay Dodds, Chief Operation Officer of Park Lawn Corporation, the proximity to New York City makes Eternal Sunset Memorial Park and Cemetery an “important piece” of the Park Lawn portfolio.

RelatedHere is a news article from the Canadian press on the Westminster Cemetery facility.

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