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We are taking the tact of getting out this information item early in the morning on Friday passing on some news that you can use.  Just yesterday we learned that the fine folks at Johnson Consulting Group were hosting an informative webinar today, Friday, May 1.  We wanted to get the link to the registration to you before it was too late.  In this notice we have also included some other items of interest.

  • Webinar:  Hosted by Johnson Consulting Group.  The live webinar is titled, “SBA Loans:  Obtaining and managing COVID-19 Relief Funds”.  According to an information item on the webinar it will be hosted by Nelson Thulin, Director of Business Consulting at Johnson Consulting Group, and Stephanie C. Dunn, SBA President at Incredible Bank.  Scheduled for Friday, May 1.  11 am Mountain Standard Time, 2 pm Eastern Time, and 1 pm Central time.  Register here.
  • Information from business solutions experts Clifton Larson Allen.  Here are three articles that they have shared:
  1. Tips for tracking information to help maximize PPP loan forgiveness.
  2. Taxation of forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program loans
  3. A case for leaning into this Current Market and Economic Storm
  • Information on a new social media campaign that members of NFDA can use entitled “Singing Your Praise”.  This campaign is designed to help the public see the critical role of the death care profession during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here for more information.

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