New Jersey Cemetery Worker Rescued

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According to an article in the Morristown (NJ) Daily Record that you can read here, Hanover cemetery worker Peter Ferencze was rescued after an 800 pound vault cover “fell in” and pinned him at the bottom of an open grave on Tuesday.

According to the article, Ferencze was treated for chest injuries and released from Morristown Medical Center.  The article also implies that a co-worker, who had been on the job for “one day”,  was also transported to the hospital for evaluation.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U. S. Department of Labor was notified and will conduct an investigation according to the article.

Funeral Director Daily take:  This is the first time I have seen or heard of this happening.  I probably watched over 100 interment services to completion, staying after visiting with the vault worker, per year for my over 30 years in the business.  That is about 3000 interments more or less.

Vault workers, in my opinion, have a pretty tough job – especially in the rural areas at small cemeteries where they are asked to set vaults individually.  It is probably a great testament to their ability and training that there are not more accidents.

We are happy that this incident, according to the article,  more than likely had a good ending for Mr. Ferencze’s health.  We hope it ends up being just another good lesson about safety.

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