Monday Round-Up

Funeral Director Daily found a lot of news over the weekend on the death care industry.  Instead of trying to pick a great article for our readers we thought that today we would just throw you the headlines of some interesting articles and let you you click to any you might be interested in reading about.

Here is some of what we found:

  • The Charles G. Parks Funeral Home in Petoskey, Michigan, was closed by regulators after they found unsanitary conditions  and an environment that they say is hazardous and not fit for people to be around.  According to an article that you can read here, bodies were found to be stored improperly after they were embalmed.  The funeral home was closed and their license to operate was suspended.  Again, according to the article, Michigan officials continue to examine funeral homes to ensure that they are operating properly.


  • We had tremendous readership to an article we featured last week about the increase of women working in funeral service.  We found a follow up article to that that you can read here that features Pennsylvania funeral directors Sharleen Kishbaugh, Kaitlan Keating, and Desarae Malone. Kishbaugh’s role is really unique as she is a 4th generation funeral director working in the family funeral home.  Her mother is also a funeral director which makes her somewhat unique in that she is a 2nd generation female funeral director.


  • Finally, we noticed an article on Seeking Alpha pertaining to StoneMor Partners and its unique set-up as a limited partnership.  The article is a short article that mentions that StoneMor’s top shareholder Axar Capital Management opines that turning the company into a C corporation would be a good idea now that the federal tax rate on corporations will be going down.  You can find the article here.

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