Minnesota to Add Alkaline Hydrolysis

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According to a recent article, Metro First Call of suburban Minneapolis is planning to install equipment later this year to become the first business in Minnesota to allow “Alkaline Hydrolysis” to other funeral homes. Among other names, Alkaline Hydrolysis is known as “Green Cremation” or “Flameless Cremation” because bodies are decomposed of by using water and chemicals instead of flame.

The process is believed to be more environmentally friendly and is said to cut the carbon footprint of cremation by 75%. Metro First Call will install the third Alkaline Hydrolysis machine in the state but the first to offer its facilities to other funeral homes on a wholesale basis. In contrast, there are about 75 crematories in the state.

Former Minnesota Department of Health Mortuary Inspector Tim Koch founded Metro First Call in 2013 and today has a company that employs 21 including three full-time morticians and four part-time morticians.

Funeral Director Daily take: Alkaline Hydrolysis is new and different. We will be interested to see if the environmentally friendly system will be embraced by the consumer.

Tim Koch of Metro First Call
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