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In a report from last week, MarketBeat made comments about the stock of Carriage Services.  You can read the article here where MarketBeat states that one analyst rates Carriage Services a “Sell”, one analyst reports Carriage Services a “Hold”, and three analysts rate the company a “Buy”.

The report also points out, over the past month or so, which company executives have bought the stock and which company executives have sold the stock.  According to the article, “Corporate insiders” own 11.8% of the company stock.

The report was dated last Wednesday.  Last Friday Carriage Services stock closed at a price of $33.63 per share, considerably higher than the one-year low point of $13.54 which was recorded on April 16,2020.  The price of $33.63 per share sets the Price/Earnings ratio to 59.64 at that price.

Carriage Services reported revenue of $84.39 million for the 2020 3rd Quarter. . .about 14% higher than their 3rd Quarter estimate of $74 million.  They are expected to report earnings for the 4th Quarter and Year End 2020 on February 17.

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