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Even though this is a real news story with real valid reasoning for two people doing what they are doing, I had to chuckle just a tad when the on scene reporter started his report by saying, “These two guys are making this cemetery great again”.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you have not heard that same type of saying, sometimes emblazoned on a red hat, in the last couple of years, you have been living under a rock.  So, I thought for a Friday morning send off into the weekend, why not lead with this story.

You can see a video news report and written story both right here.

It turns out that there is a neglected cemetery in Melbourne, Florida – The Shady Oaks Cemetery – where two men have taken on the challenge of restoring the land and its 75 grave spaces to a more respectful memorial for all those buried there.  Good for them.

The men spent the entire weekend cleaning up in the cemetery and are readying for another day of work on Sunday, February 3.  This time, they hope members of the community will come out to help.  They have also started a Go Fund Me page in hopes of raising $15,000 for the cemetery.  And, they have enlisted the help of Hollywood comedian Chevy Chase and his wife to help with the cause.

We’ve mentioned many times in this news venue that neglected cemeteries are becoming a big problem for municipalities across America.  You would be doing a great favor to your own community if you could get your funeral home, or your service club, or your church to clean up and maintain a neglected and forgotten cemetery in your area.  Maybe the reporter was talking to all of us when he said. . . . “Make a cemetery great again!”

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