Life lessons from a funeral director

As we move into the weekend before Christmas it is maybe a good time to reflect on who we are and what we are as well as what we stand for.  I recently came across this article from Fatherly entitled “Life in 20 Lessons:  What a Funeral Guy Discovered about Life, From Death“.

According to the article that I read the author of that book is Chris Meyer who for the past 14 years has operated a funeral business.  Prior to that time he was a screen writer in Hollywood.

In the book, Meyer lays out what working in the funeral business helping families honor their loved ones has taught him.  The article from Fatherly on Meyer’s perspectives is a great article to give you some perspective on how you are helping people and probably learning about yourself as you move through life’s stages.

I would suggest that you read the short article linked above and understand some of the things Meyer learned.  You have probably learned many of these lessons and, if not, it is probably good to think about them.

Here are a few suggestions from the article that Meyer comments on:

  • Become a “Famillionaire”
  • Health is Wealth
  • Worry Less about Money
  • Take Things less Seriously
  • Judge Less
  • Tell People how you feel when they are still alive

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