July numbers show Funeral Director Daily keeps increasing readership, viewership

We want to continue to thank our loyal readers for making Funeral Director Daily what we believe is the fastest growing informational format for the death care industry read today.  Our readership increased for the 3rd consecutive month — and for July 2019 from June 2019 we saw an increase of 6.8% of daily views.  Thanks!!

We have also pushed our subscriber base to over 850 subscribers!  Thanks again.

Going back a year we have a 102.2% increase from our July 2018 numbers and if you go back two years to when we were just beginning, we have increased the monthly readership 13 times over the July 2017 numbers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – As I’ve told you before, this blog started as an experiment to see if anybody would enjoy the wisdom – or lack of it – that I had garnered over 30+ years of funeral home leadership and inclusion in many other business enterprises.  I knew nothing about SEO (how businesses such as Google can drive people to Funeral Director Daily) and how that would play into eyes on the pages and new readership.  Quite frankly, I really only started trying to increase readership thru SEO only about 90 days ago. . .and it is working.

Prior to 90 days ago we received only a couple of “new readers” to the FDD site daily through things such as Google searches.  Now that I know something about how it is done, I can “mine” for people interested in some of our articles that bring new readers to the site everyday.  From a couple of readers daily a couple of months ago, we brought about 700 new readers to the site in June and have increased that to about 1,000 new readers to the site in July. . . and, I believe that this will keep growing.

Sponsorship/Advertising —  This month brought our first believer in sponsorship/advertising when Cressy Memorial began a daily image on our site pertaining to their Crowne Vault product.  We certainly thank them for having the belief that we can consistently deliver impressions on their brand to our everyday readers and introduce their brand to the 1,000 or so people who find us monthly thought SEO.

Earlier today we pushed out a link entitled “15 marketing Tactics to Keep your brand Top of Mind“.  You can access that article here.  Interestingly enough, at Funeral Director Daily we believe that the 1st and 4th reasons in that article fit the value of being consistent on a medium such as Funeral Director Daily.  They are:

  • “Ensure that your brand stands out in the places your audience congregates online”
  • “Be Consistent – Brands that struggle with consistency often have irregular posting schedules, irregular newsletters, . . . .Consistency builds trust.  Inconsistency breaks that trust.”

If you are interested in reaching those in the death care industry who operate funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, or pre-need agencies, Funeral Director Daily may be the perfect medium for your business.  With monthly fees as low as $300 – with no contracts – we believe we can give your company a platform of consistency daily unlike very few in our industry.  Just use the contact link to inquire.









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