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Here’s an opportunity for your funeral home to make a little extra income

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Covid-19 and the ramifications it brought with social distancing was tough on funeral and memorial services.  It was even more devastating to the wedding and wedding reception business.

However, during the calendar year of 2020 most brides and grooms continued to take the plunge into matrimony. . . . they just did so without that large gathering and wedding reception.

Because of that situation an interesting opportunity may exist for those in the funeral home business with the proper facilities . . . . . to not only bring some good will to potential clientele but add to the bottom line while doing so.

This article from Yahoo Finance tells of the case being built for these newlyweds who went without a formal ceremony or reception to hold a “One Year” Anniversary celebration.  The article tells that it could be done with or without a recreation of the ceremony and it could be done by inviting your cancelled out guest list to a reception . . . . that could be held in a event center of a funeral home.

If your funeral home has the proper facilities this could be a great goodwill gesture to couples in your community, especially if the costs would be lowered for these types of receptions.  The message could create goodwill that lasts a lifetime and whatever the charge would be, it should be ancillary income that moves almost directly to the bottom line.

Funeral Director Daily take:  There is nothing like unplanned for ancillary income to boost profits.  When you buy a new car and the car company gets your permission to rust-proof that car, they may make almost as much on that sale as on the car sale itself.  And, I was a partner in a furniture store at one time. . . and if the sales rep could convince you to “Soil Shield” that new sofa or chair, that virtually doubled our margins on the sale.

So, if you are in the position with a proper event center. . . . moving this thought process into the public may be very beneficial for you during the rest of 2021.

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