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It may be Presidents’ Day today, but at Funeral Director Daily it feels a little more like Finance Day.  We have already let you know about Carriage Services 4th  quarter and year end results and on how their stock fared on Friday after the announcement.

We just came across a little bit of finance information that we thought it better to include today rather than wait for tomorrow – when the ticker prices will be different.  Last week three of the eight stocks on the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) announced dividends to be paid in the near future.  We just thought that we would keep you up to date with who they are, what the dividend is, and where their yields now sit at.

Service Corporation International (SCI) announced a dividend of $0.17 per share last Tuesday.  That would work out to an annualized dividend of $0.68 per share.  With SCI’s stock closing last Friday at $38.85 per share that works out to a annual dividend of 1.75%.

Hillenbrand Industries (HI) announced a dividend of $0.2075 per share last Thursday.  That would work out to an annualized dividend of $0.83 per share.  Hillenbrand’s stock closed at $45.75 on Friday bringing their anticipated annual dividend yield to 1.81%.

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) of Toronto announced their monthly dividend of $0.038 per share which would work out to an annual dividend of $0.456 per share.  Park Lawn’s stock closed at $22.81 per share on Friday making for an annual dividend yield of 2.00%.  Please remember, dollar figures for Park Lawn Corporation are in Canadian dollars.

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