Funeral News Friday February 10


Bonney-Watson funeral home, Seattle’s oldest continuously operating business has announced it is listing its 14,000 square foot property and 20,000 square foot parking lot on Broadway Avenue for sale for $7.8 million.  The site represents one of the few key development properties available in Seattle.

Leader and Times reports that Mike and Kelly Hornung have assumed ownership of Brenneman Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Liberal, Kansas.  Melissa and Risk Brenneman were the sellers.

Fox 29 news and WTAE reports that a Pennsylvania funeral home director has been charged with fraud and forgery after diverting $357,000 from 47 elderly clients over a decade to finance a gambling habit.  Funeral director Lynn Taucher who operated Taucher Funeral home collected advanced payments from clients and spent the money rather than keeping the funds in an escrow account.

The Gainsville Times reports that Memorial Park funeral home in Gainesville, Kentucky will allow people to cremate and memorialize their pets.  The funeral home is in the midst of a $600,000 expansion.  Cremations account for 25% of the firm’s services.


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