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Crematory, reception hall to be added to Pennsylvania funeral home

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It was noted in The Courier Express of Dubois, Pennsylvania, in an article that you can see here, that the Adamson Funeral Chapel in Dubois had a revised land development plan for a crematory approved by the Sandy Township Planning Commission.

According to the article, the Adamson Funeral Chapel is proposing to build a 1500 square foot crematory addition and a 1600 square foot reception hall on their funeral home which is in an already commercial zoned parcel.

The article goes on to say that the Adamson Funeral Chapel parking requirements will change due to the reception hall but that the funeral home had already made plans for that change.

It was also noted that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will require an air quality permit for the crematory to operate.

You can view the Adamson Funeral Chapel web-site here.

Funeral Director Daily take:  This is exactly the type of potential revenue generators that we believe are necessary for small to medium sized operators to replace the revenue that is no longer coming in the door with the decline of full service funeral cases and sales of caskets and vaults.

Adamson Funeral Home will be able to generate additional revenue by using their own crematory (and save money from paying a third party operator) and they should now be able to hold, and charge for, receptions at their facility which will also bring in some additional revenue.

And, the ability to cremate in the same facility without ever transporting the deceased to a third party crematory will, more than likely, give an emotional advantage to the families they serve.

Finally, it appears that the timing of this decision should sit very well with the low interest rates being offered by the banking industry at this time.

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