Gloryboats on the Market

By Funeral Director Daily / January 29, 2018 /

As you know I live in Greater Minnesota (that area that is not in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex) in an area where fishing and duck hunting is very popular.  Just the other day I was introduced to a product in the funeral industry that maybe has some potential in my area.  That product is Gloryboat…

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A Great Chance for Positive Public Relations

By Funeral Director Daily / January 23, 2018 /

In a major metropolitan city I’m guessing that funeral directors don’t get called to accident scenes very often to clear the scene.  By “clearing the scene” I mean removing deceased victims from the scene so that eventually the roadway or other location can get back to normal.  In major cities they have “coroner” personal to…

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Life Story Funeral Home Expanding in Traverse City

By Funeral Director Daily / January 19, 2018 /

I came across an article the other day in the Traverse City Record-Eagle with the headline “A New Life Story:  Funeral home to move into bigger Location”.   The story and accompanying picture caught my eye because the photo showed a construction sign that said, “Life Story Funeral Home – Traverse City.” What really caught my…

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More on the U.S. Casket Industry

By Funeral Director Daily / December 21, 2017 /

The other day I told you that I had become privy to a report done on the state of the American Casket industry.  We gave out some insights on the industry and both its past decline and its probable future decline in units sold and dollar amounts sold. One of the things that I found…

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The American Casket Market

By Funeral Director Daily / December 19, 2017 /

I’ve been able to receive a private report from November 2017 on the State of the American Casket Market.  It is an extensive report that goes into who are the players in the industry, what is the market like, who has what percentage of market share, what is the profitability of the industry, and attempts…

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And Now. . . A Funeral Home Video Game

By Funeral Director Daily / November 1, 2017 /

In the world of the Millennials we should have expected this to come sooner or later.  On October 18, 2017, a video game where you play as a mortician was introduced to the general public.  Developed by Laundry Bear Games, the game is A Mortician’s Tale and  you can read all about it and even see…

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Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Hollywood, and The Movies

By Funeral Director Daily / September 27, 2017 /

Funeral directors and the funeral industry have never came across real good in Hollywood.  The last funeral home related movie that I saw was “Bernie” based on the Cathage, Texas, funeral director Bernie Tiede – portrayed by Jack Black – who was convicted and sentenced for murdering a wealthy widow with whom he had an…

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Cremation Tattoos Becoming Popular

By Funeral Director Daily / September 6, 2017 /

Diane Lange, the owner of Moonlight Tattoo in Ocean View, New Jersey has been tattooing for 35 years.  In the past six months, however, she has explained that the number of calls she is getting for cremation tattoos has been rapidly increasing. While we know that cremation rates have been increasing in the U.S., what…

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Are You Ready for ecoLation

By Funeral Director Daily / August 4, 2017 /

Just when we are starting to get our hands around the idea of green burials and alkaline hydrolysis joining the traditional methods of earth burial and flame cremation as new concepts in the disposition of human remains along comes an article on what is termed as “ecoLation” to give us more to think about as…

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Learning from Down Under

By Funeral Director Daily / July 26, 2017 /

An article entitled, “This is Australia’s Most Expensive City to Die in” caught my eye.  However, in reading the article which was published in Australia’s the main point about the difference in city’s costs was not what intrigued me. The article points out that in Australia an average funeral with burial would cost about…

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