Anthem Partners announces Two-Year Anniversary



Late last month Anthem Partners announced they had passed the milestone of 2-years in business.  The Frisco, Texas, based company has grown its operations in that time period.  In their two years they have amassed a group of 80 operations in five states and two Canadian provinces.


In a press release Anthem Partners President of US Operations Will Andrews said this, “It has been an amazing two years for Anthem Partners.  As I look back over the past 24 months, I am pleased with our many successes, but not yet satisfied.  I look forward to continuing to grow our company and develop the skills of our talented team members as they serve the families in their communities with care and compassion.”


In looking at the Anthem Partners website we also noticed this story of a celebrity funeral that may be of interest to funeral directors:

“Servicing the Coal Miner’s Daughter”


According to the press release “Anthem Partners is a privately-held operator of cemeteries and funeral homes.  Founded by a group of industry professionals and backed by long-term, patient investors, Anthem Partners is actively seeking opportunities to grow with like-minded professionals and firms who share their vision. The founding principles of Anthem Partners are respecting the unique history of the family businesses and acknowledging the lives lived in the communities they serve.” 


Here is the Anthem Partners website


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