Carriage Services called “An under appreciated performer in the Death Care industry”

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Seeking Alpha recently penned an article about death care public company Carriage Services entitled, “An Under Appreciated Performer in the Death Care Industry”.  You can access that article here.

Here’s a few quotes from the article:

  • Carriage Services operates in the attractive death care industry, operating 171 funeral homes and 32 cemeteries in the United States. 
  • The industry is attractive, although it is still extremely fragmented
  • The business generates significant cash flow and returns on equity currently exceed 20%.
  • Its (Carriage Services) approach is somewhat unique and deeply informed by its co-founder Mr.  (Mel) Payne.  Payne himself is a proponent of value investing when it comes to capital allocation and also has endeavored to follow in the footsteps of Berkshire Hathaway when it comes to running a decentralized operation. 
  • The company has also demonstrated a willingness to allocate capital to the highest returns, whether that is share repurchases, internal investment, or acquisitions.

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