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California Assembly gets human composting bill

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In this article from the Los Angeles Times you can read about Assembly Bill 2592 (AB2592)  that was recently introduced by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.  AB2592 would, if passed and signed into law, allow for human composting in the state of California as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial or cremation.

Human recomposition was passed into law in the state of Washington last year and will take effect on May 1.  It also has parties interested in its passage into law in Colorado.  Assemblywoman Garcia states, “I think this is about giving people another option.”

According to the article, supporters of the bill say “it’s an end-of-life option that will have a positive impact on the environment.” Opposition, which included the Catholic Church in the Washington case, says that “human composting doesn’t show proper respect for the dead.”

The backers of the Washington bill have plans to build their own recomposition center which includes a funeral home.  You can read about the process and their ideas here.

Another final disposition idea:  This article and news video from News 12 in the New York area tells of a potential plan for the historic Penfield Reef lighthouse off the coast of Connecticut.  A bill has been introduced that would allow the permanent disposition of cremated remains in the lighthouse.  The bill would allow for disposition, but not for visiting the lighthouse.  Supporters believe funds raised through the sale of cremation space would be a good way to keep the lighthouse going financially.

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