Another way to honor our Veterans — VetTix

Part of our duty here at Funeral Director Daily is to pass information and ideas that we have learned about on to working funeral directors.  By doing so, we hope to give those funeral directors additional tools to help ease the lives of those they serve.

Over the years we have told you where you would be able to find a live bugler to honor a deceased veteran with the playing of taps if you did not know where to look.  That bugler can be found free of charge at Bugles across America.

We have also told you how you can request wreaths to be placed for the holiday season on the veterans graves at cemeteries in your area and/or how you and those who are willing can help place the wreaths and remember each individual veteran each holiday season at our national cemeteries.  That service can be found at Wreaths Across America.

Memorial Day will soon be upon us and we want to provide you with more information as to where you may make a donation to honor those who have served our country if you so choose to this Memorial Day.  And, funeral directors you can learn how some families you serve may qualify for the benefits we mention.

Today, we are going to inform you about the Veteran Tickets Foundation.  It is a non-profit service that you can read about here.  Veteran Tickets Foundation, or Vet Tix, is a service that honors our military veterans and their families by providing free or discounted tickets to sporting events, theatrical events, and concerts across America.

Founded in 2008, Vet Tix has given out over 6.6 million tickets to veterans and their families to date.  They have been given to events in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  From giving out 1,300 tickets in 2008 to giving out over 2 million tickets last year, they are on a growth roll.

They have partners that donate the tickets and a quick look through the partners list shows many Major League Baseball teams, NBA teams, and NHL teams participate.  Concert companies also participate in large numbers as Live Nation, Messing Touring of Nashville, and AEG have all given over $10 million in value of tickets since Vet Tix inception.  The NBA’s Phoenix Suns are listed as having given out over $5 million in value of tickets over the years.

Vet Tix also accepts donations, for what they call their “Hero’s Wish”.  Hero’s Wish is for giving a veteran Hero, or their family, a once in a lifetime experience at an event.  The Hero’s Wish program can be used by Active Duty Personnel, severely wounded warriors and the families of men and women killed in action.  Since 2013, the Veteran’s Ticket Foundation has been able to fulfill every Hero’s Wish asked for!!!

To learn more about the Veteran’s Ticket Foundation click here.

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