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Are we failing our families?

This is a really difficult topic, but one that needs to be thought about.  This article, entitled “Lack of collective mourning shows way pandemic has altered grief“, appeared in Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  It is thought provoking and gets to the essence of why modern funeral directors exist — to care for the living. It is a difficult subject and one that is hard to throw any blame at the death care industry because we are only following the rules […]

Business Regulations

Great Britain funeral directors fight family ban at cremations

According to this article in the Examiner Live from the United Kingdom, British funeral directors from the West Yorkshire area, that area administrated by the Kirklees Council, are disappointed that the Kirklees Council has taken a position that no mourners may be present at the crematorium for services of a loved one. The article states, that at least according to the date of the article this past weekend, that the (British) National Funeral Directors Association says COVID-19 instructions from Public […]