Burial in a Mushroom Suit

We have written that funeral wishes and choices by the consumer is ever expanding in the death care market.  We have written that the choices and alternatives outside of traditional earth burial and cremation continue to expand.  Last October we wrote about a process, created by a company called Coeio, in which a deceased is place in an organic cotton suit, or shroud, that is infused with a biomix of mushroom mycelium that will aid in decomposition and transfer body nutrients to plant life after burial — thus giving meaning to new life from the death.

This article from claims that actor Luke Perry, who died at age 52 in March, was buried in such a shroud or suit.  The article suggests that his daughter, Sophie Perry, suggested this in an Instagram message.  The article quotes Infinity Suit founder Jae Rhim Lee as saying, “We had talked a few years before his death, because he was interested in the company and wanted to learn more about it.  I didn’t know he had put (this) in his advance-care directive until his family members called me after the death.”

Funeral Director Daily take:  We have no reason not to believe this article from a credible source – Marketwatch is published by Dow Jones & Company.  What it does point out, and what funeral directors need to be continually ready for, are those requests that new products and services will move some of our clients to follow.  How would your firm have handled this case?  Are you ready for the different, and legal, requests your clients may have.  Keeping up with what is going on in the world of death care is now a pre-requisite for serving your clientele.

As to continuing education businesses, might I suggest a class on all of the emerging options in death care.

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