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If you are part of the Death Care business in North America part of your goal is to move families from grief to remembrance of their loved one.  And, if we are honest about it, we should never want anybody to ever be forgotten.  That’s why so many are so strong in recommending a place of remembrance as a final perpetual memorial tribute of a life lived.

The non-profit organization Wreaths Across America is also persistent. . .persistent that no military veteran ever be forgotten.  Part of placing a wreath at the foot of a veteran’s grave is the process of a volunteer saying that veteran’s name and thanking them for their service to our country at the same time. . . . so they are never forgotten.

Today is the 81st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor that led to America’s involvement in World War II.  Almost all of the young men and women who fought those heroic battles of World War II for our nation are deceased.  However, we should not forget them and we should remember to honor them and all those other veterans who served over our country’s history.

That’s exactly what Wreaths Across America endeavors to do.  Started from an action in 1992 only because a wreath company had left over wreaths at Christmas time and delivered them to Arlington Cemetery to honor veterans.  The small group of people continued to do that quiet act of charity and honor until an iconic photo of Arlington National Cemetery (the photo that is ran with today’s story)  was circulated in 2005.

Once that photo was circulated the group received thousands of requests to honor veterans all over the United States and the non-profit charity of Wreaths Across America was born.  On Wreaths Across America Day this December 17, 2022, the organization of today will place about 2.5 million wreaths in about 3,400 locations across the world where American veterans find their final resting places.  Almost all who do so will be volunteers or family members of those interred.

However, if you would like to help there is still time to volunteer at a cemetery near your home on Saturday, December 17, or you can do as Angie and I do and purchase wreaths to donate to Wreaths Across America.  You can find information on both at the website here.  In either donating a wreath or wreaths or volunteering you can choose which cemetery you would like to help.  Wreaths Across America has cemetery wreath placements in all 50 states.

Wreaths Across America is one of those things that just happened in America after being initiated with a simple act of kindness — what to do with an extra semi-truck load of wreaths that never sold.  The act of giving them to Arlington National Cemetery in honor of our veterans has blossomed into an annual event that allows many military families another chance to honor their loved ones and gives those like my wife and I an outlet to express our gratitude for the selfless service of so many millions of Americans.

Here  is a short video on the history of Wreaths Across America

Here is a short video on the Pass holders/family members with their special time on Wreath Across America Day 2021 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Here is the website for Wreaths Across America

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