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Webinar and lessons from Ring Ring Marketing on winning the customer

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Over the past two years I’ve heard a lot about Welton Hong.  It seems like many places I turn somebody has a story about how Mr. Hong has helped their funeral home with their business marketing.  He’s also written the book as they say on internet marketing. . . matter of fact his book is entitled, “Making your phone ring with internet marketing”.

In all due fairness and transparency, Mr. Hong’s company, Ring Ring Marketing, has recently become a sponsor of Funeral Director Daily helping to finance the information that I bring to all of you with free daily articles on the death care profession.

It was in perusing the website of Ring Ring Marketing that I recently came up with a couple of items that I was sure my readers would find interesting and appealing.  The first is a free webinar sponsored by Ring Ring Marketing that will take place on Thursday, February 4 (tomorrow).

That webinar is entitled “How to win the First Call away from Direct Cremation Businesses.  One of the things I noticed in the flyer on the webinar is that Welton Hong believes you can win that call by “knowing how to market the value you bring to justify your cost”.  You can see the flyer and sign up for the Thursday webinar here.

Another item I saw was a short three-minute video entitled, “Five things successful deathcare business owners and CEOs do”.  I watched it, and as I did, I certainly agreed with it . . . .if you want long-term success AND growth in your business, these five evolutionary elements of management are probably necessary at some point in time during your leadership.  You can watch that video here.  It was interesting to me that to get these concepts, Mr. Hong had traveled to a private retreat of a group of funeral home and deathcare business owners to learn.  These were the five evolutionary items of management he found common among the participants of that event.

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