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We saw a couple news items that were fairly unique as to their content and thought that we would bring our readers both of them today with very little commentary on our part.

The first item that we found concerned a funeral home in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the public service is warning against crematoriums offering them services because they are assumed to be an unlicensed funeral home.  Service Nova Scotia, according to the article, “has issued a letter to make crematoriums aware of the license suspension and that it would be a violation of legislation to perform cremations for the funeral home”.  You can read about this situation here.

The second interesting article that we noticed was from a Martinsville, Virginia, newspaper.  It concerned the information that a couple of employees of a publicly traded funeral home and cemetery concern had left that business on Monday and started working at a competing funeral home the next morning.    We understand that employees leave businesses all the time.  What is different about this situation is that the news paper makes a story about it.  You can read about that situation here.

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  1. Michael Mallory on March 14, 2019 at 5:35 am

    Im loosely associated with a combo operation …it’s been frustrating to plan/conduct a funeral and the unlicensed management shows up and changes everything . It is slowly changing but it took a surprise visit from the State Board to start the process

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