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Last week Funeral Director Daily published an article on “Out of the box” marketing.  In a nutshell we told traditional funeral homes not to be scared about advertising your services in a less than conventional way.

While we didn’t have anything to do with it, we happened to notice on our local media in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, a buzz generated by Mueller Memorial Funeral Homes in the market.  You see, on August 1 the state of Minnesota will put into effect a new law about “hands free” driving.  What that means is that you will not be able to hold on to your cell phone for calls or texts while operating a motor vehicle.

Well, Mueller Memorial decided to have some fun with this and issued a press release to media with the headline, “St. Paul Funeral Home doesn’t want your business, yet.”  Here is a news video and print story on how KARE 11 TV handled the press release.

As it turns out, Mueller Memorial is promoting a contest in which they will give away free of charge 20 magnetic phone mounts to the best answers on why people will no longer drive distracted.

In our book, a great little marketing ploy that shows your potential clientele you have both a sense of humor and a sense of informing the community about upcoming events.  And. . . a great example of “out of the box” marketing that can generate positive results for your funeral home in a crowded market.

Funeral Director Daily take:  Many of you know that I operated my funeral home in Minnesota and I still live in the state.  In a light of total transparency, Scott Mueller, owner of Mueller Memorial is a classmate of mine from the University of Minnesota School of Mortuary Science.

I say this in the best way possible, Scott has always danced to his own drummer in the way he operates his funeral business.  He really cares about the families he serves and works hard to make sure he is always providing what they want.  He is not afraid to try different things to keep the business growing.  As a matter of fact, Mueller Mortuary has a bar in the building for those families who choose to use it during or after visitation and funeral services.

Again, Scott used this upcoming law to get some positive public relations for little or no cost. . . Any funeral home could have done that, but Scott thought of it.  Congrats!!

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