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As long as I’ve written this blog I’ve predicted that death care – that is dispositions for the dead human body – will eventually become increasingly a collection of “niche” businesses.  That is, compared to what we have gotten used to seeing. . .a funeral home that takes care of your every need in the disposition realm — earth burial, cremation, and even anatomical donation.

We have cremation friendly niche providers now and we have green funeral providers now as well as natural organic reduction (human composting) providers now.  This article from Green Matters will introduce you to Pisces – The direct aquamation company.

Pisces will center its business around alkaline hydrolysis and an apparent format of ecology minded “cremation” through alkaline hydrolysis, known by the general public as water cremation.

23-year old founder and CEO Christopher Taktak tells Green Matters that he “founded his water cremation company to make death care more eco-friendly”.

Taktak also says in the Green Matters article, “I found that there’s so much potential for improving the end of life experience, both for humans … and for mother nature.  I didn’t realize how environmentally unsustainable a lot of the [death] practices we engage in are until actually taking that deep dive, because no one really tells you about that. And no one really likes to focus on death.  It’s a part of our lives that every single person is going to experience, so why not try to make that better?”

According to the article, Pisces is now operational in California and charges $3,850 for its full-service process, which includes the aquamation process, death certificate filing, an urn, and more, with no hidden fees.

Here is the Pisces web-site.

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  1. Anonymous on November 16, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    Pisces is a company that offers a water cremation service in California but has the actual water cremation process performed out of the state California. The only company operating a machine in California is White Rose Aqua Cremation, Inc. in Escondido, Ca. using a Bio-Response machine which is a manufacturer of an Alkaline Hydrolysis machines distributed all over the world. Resomation is another manufacturer as pictured above in this article.

  2. Joe Weigel on September 30, 2022 at 8:47 am

    Tom –

    What is the difference between what Pisces offers and what Bio-Response has been offering for many years? To me, they seem to be offering the same thing.

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