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Is it time to buy funeral home stocks?

Earlier this week I read this article from Yahoo Finance authored by Brian Sozzi.  The article is entitled “Consumers have to face that nasty inflation is here to stay for awhile”. The article goes on to mention that, at least in Mr. Sozzi’s opinion, skilled workers are too few in number to meet the needs of post-pandemic businesses and that is leading to wage inflation.  He doesn’t see a stop to that phenomena in the short term and for that […]


SCI reports 1st Qtr 2022. . . . Preneed hitting on all cylinders

Service Corporation International (SCI), North America’s largest grouping of funeral homes and cemeteries reported their 1st Quarter 2022 financial results last week.  The company reported increased total sales of 3.2% which resulted in 1Q 22 revenue of $1.112 billion as compared to the 1st Quarter of 2021 where they reported sales of $1.077 billion.  That’s an increase of over $34 million in sales for the quarter as compared to last year. The results came on the heels of a reported […]

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Recapping FY 2021 with the public companies

When you read this it will already be May 2022 and we will be two-thirds of the way into the 2nd Quarter of most company’s 2022 business year.  As a matter of fact, the reports of January thru March have already started to roll out as Matthews International provided us information on the January thru March period just last week.  We will be reporting on that later this week. However, I was asked by some in the death care business […]


SCI as an investment

Last week Seeking Alpha published a fact and opinion article on Service Corporation International (SCI) entitled “Service Corporation International:  An under the radar wealth generator”.  The article was one of the most in-depth pieces I have seen on SCI, its operations, and its potential as an investment. You can access the article here. From my point of view it is an excellent article to read, especially if you operate a funeral home.  Again, from my point of view, much like […]


Death Care Index drops Year to Date in line with Indices

Since the first of the year there has been a lot in the news. . . . and news that is probably more consequential than other 75-day time periods over the last couple of years.  Let’s see. . . there’s been the Omicron variant, supply shortages, inflation, and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  On top of all of that in the United States, much of our financial picture depends on what the Federal Reserve Board will do with interest […]


SCI’s CEO Tom Ryan on 2021 results, 2022 expectations

Recently Service Corporation International (SCI) reported on their 2021 financial results.  As is customary, SCI’s top officers then took part in a discussion with financial services analysts on the results and other thoughts as how they relate to the company moving forward.  You can see a transcript of that discussion here. What we have done for you at Funeral Director Daily is condensed those remarks in this article.  We’ve tried to highlight what SCI’s CEO Tom Ryan mentioned in the […]

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The experts opine on Service Corporation and Carriage Services

We’ve now entered the season where public companies will give their reports on their 4th Quarter and Year End results from 2021.  As the death care companies report their results we will bring them to you. It’s also a season where financial and stock analysts like to give us their opinions on what has happened and what they think will happen in the next year or longer with these companies. Today we bring you two such reports on a couple […]

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How some in the secular financial world see Death Care. . . interesting articles

I like to stay abreast of what is happening in the world of finance.  And, even though I like to stay in my lane about what I know, over the years I probably bought a stock or two in a company where I didn’t really know the inside out of how the company made its profits. I also like to think that I know the business of Death Care somewhat and understand most of the roads to profitability.  I ‘ve […]


Schoedinger and their 10,000 calls soon to be controlled by SCI

News broke late last week that the Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service, based in Columbus, Ohio, has entered into a sale agreement with Service Corporation International (SCI) of Houston, Texas.  According to this article from the Columbus Dispatch, SCI’s closing on the ownership interest will happen this week. Schoedinger, founded in 1855 and in its 6th generation of family service is known to handle about 10,000 calls per year when combining their businesses for both humans and pets.  They operate […]


Carriage Services announces record 3rd Quarter Results, comments on acquisition environment

Funeral home and cemetery consolidator Carriage Services reported on the financial results of their 3rd Quarter for 2021 and in doing so reported record 3rd Quarter revenue for a quarter of $95.0 million.  That is 12.6% higher than the $84.3 million of revenue recorded in the 3rd Quarter of 2020. Here’s what is said in the press release from Carriage Services that you can read here, “All five of our field reporting segments executed at an extremely high level during […]