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Carly Simon and SCI: “Nobody does it Better”

By Funeral Director Daily / February 19, 2024 /

    I’m a James Bond movie fan and in 1977 the 10th movie of the series came out. . . “The Spy Who Loved Me” was the 3rd movie of the series to feature Roger Moore as James Bond and it also featured what became a #2 hit on the Billboard charts feature song…

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Funeral company acquires three former SCI firms

By Funeral Director Daily / February 16, 2024 /

    In a press release that we received this week, from the Newbridge Group, we learned that three funeral homes in the state of Maine had been acquired by Family First Funeral Homes & Cremation Care.  The press release also stated, “three funeral homes previously under the ownership of Service Corporation International (SCI) have…

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SCI press release on 4th Quarter 2023 results

By Funeral Director Daily / February 13, 2024 /

  Click here to access the company press release from Service Corporation International (SCI) pertaining to their 2023 4th Quarter financial results and 2023 Full Year Summary.   Funeral Director Daily will publish a complete article on the press release and upcoming Earnings Call in the near future.   Enter your e-mail below to join…

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This isn’t your grandmother’s funeral

By Funeral Director Daily / January 25, 2024 /

    This recent article in Florida’s Business Observer is titled “Funeral home finds success with new life celebration model”.  The article goes on to discuss, among other business changes in the death care industry, the Robert Toale & Sons Celebration of Life Center in the Sarasota, Florida, area.   The Robert Toale & Sons…

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SCI to new build new headquarters in Houston

By Funeral Director Daily / January 10, 2024 /

  We learned from this article in the Houston Chronicle that Service Corporation International (SCI) is planning to build a new headquarters building adjacent to their current headquarters later this year.  The article points out that the new headquarters to be built on Allen Parkway next to the current headquarters could total a construction cost…

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Building a new cemetery is not as easy as Row 1, Row 2, and Row 3 anymore

By Funeral Director Daily / December 29, 2023 /

  I’m old enough to remember that one of the earliest cries for increased cremation was that cemeteries will soon take up too much space in America.  A rebuttal to that thought back in the 1980’s was always the quote “. . .if everyone in America died today we could bury them in 1/3 the…

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Seeking Alpha writer says “SCI provides a buying opportunity”

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2023 /

  This article from Seeking Alpha suggests that the largest funeral home and cemetery operator in North America, Service Corporation International (SCI) is a buying opportunity for investors.  To that end, the article makes these points: “Historically, SCI has delivered very strong financial performance and shareholder returns.” “. . .growth has been fueled by a…

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Have investors lost faith in Death Care?

By Funeral Director Daily / December 4, 2023 /

  If you are an investor — and with IRA’s and 401K plans virtually everyone is in today’s world — the month of November 2023 gave you reason for optimism.   After a couple of sluggish years of investor equity growth there now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel with…

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SCI execs give some insight to the “state of the business” in quarterly earnings call

By Funeral Director Daily / November 8, 2023 /

    Service Corporation International (SCI) reported 3rd Quarter financial numbers for 2023 last week which we highlighted in Monday’s edition of Funeral Director Daily.  Today, we perused the company’s earnings call of last week to try to find some insight into the questions those in the profession are asking at this point in time.…

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Service Corporation 3Q: Regaining their revenue footing. . . .potential challenges ahead

By Funeral Director Daily / November 6, 2023 /

  Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 3rd Quarter of 2023 financial results last week.  While their cumulative 6 -month report had revenues lagging behind the 2022 comparables, the 3Q 2023 report shows revenues increasing by 2.5% over the 3Q 2022 numbers — the 2nd consecutive quarter of increased revenue comparables.  SCI pulled in total…

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